Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility


Our lifeblood start with people who care and value others, community well-being, and environmental preservation.


Compliance with laws & regulations, ethical approaches, environmental factors, health & safety standards, employment practices, & local manufacturing.

Prohibitions include but not limited to, child labour, discrimination, forced labour, harassment & abuse.


Carbon footprint strategy includes, reductions in electrical usage upto 30% with our lights off program.

Chemical reduction of upto 40%.


Charity contributions support communities in very important ways such as medical research, providing to people in need, and support families during difficult times.

Charity Contributions:

Sick Kids Hospital (Toronto, ON)

B.C. Kids Hospital (Vancouver, BC)

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc. (Sarasota, FL)

Fisher House. (Rockville, MD)


Textile materials quality, performance, & safety comply with CPSIA

Textile do not contain chemicals which are listed as part of Proposition 65.

Textile Antimicrobial, operating on a cellular level to continuously inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Best applied to hygiene critical environments, such as foodservice, healthcare, and education.

Decals are PVC-free polyester material that is Fire (Class Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)) & Slip (ANSI A137.1 US Certified) Resistant and contains up to 40% recycled content.

Ink ECO-Solvent water-based, Restriction of Hazardous Substances. ROHS EN 50581:2012, & GREEN GUARD - CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE. UL 2818.

Ink Biodegradable water-based, solvent free. Over 95% biodegradable for minimum environmental impact.


Suppliers & Resellers shall comply: at all times with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, maintain all required certifications, and will provide services and/or products that meet or exceed all governmental requirements.


We are committed to protecting our consumers against counterfeits. Counterfeiters steal hard work & deceive consumers by producing low quality & unsafe products. Officially Licensed.


KEY ISSUES with Counterfeiters:

1) Clothing may contain unsafe chemicals & metals such as lead,

2) Eliminates thousands of legitimate jobs,

3) Criminally organized,

4) Human trafficking, forced labour & child labour,

5) Failure to support employee health & safety,

6)Jeopardizes fair wages, and

7) Counterfeits are produced without complying to laws & safety regulations.

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